Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 428

Ok... this is one of those rare blog entries. Rare because since I tweet so much, I hardly have time to blog.

Technology has so taken over us, I'm spending time between Twitter, Facebook, my blog, Instagram, Foursquare...

Experts have already noted that it's virtually impossible to healthily maintain more than two social networks at once, so yeah... I get a spurt of energy once in a while to update ALL - but trust me, it can't be done on a daily basis.

Today's entry - is about Bersih.

Before you close this window, no, I am not going to debate for or against Bersih. I will leave my personal opinions in the ballot box when I cast my vote in the next general election.

What I am going to share is this.

I tweeted a joke that read like below.

Ok... so what's so blog-worthy about this? Look at the number of times it was retweeted. I am proud since this is my most retweeted tweet EVER! 788 times in 24 hours is pretty impressive, don't you think?

ESPECIALLY since the picture I tweeted to go with the tweet was this.

Yes, it was meant to be funny. Since everyone was so tense before the whole Bersih thing began, I wanted to lighten up everyone's mood. And I'm glad a lot of people found it funny. 

788 times. Times the potential number of followers of EVERYONE who retweeted me, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of you out there who saw this. Don't deny it. You did.

Considering Twitter recognizes only SPECIFIC forms of retweets (this differs on device and apps), I am sure more retweeted it, but hey... the satisfaction didn't come from the numbers alone (though I admit I felt good seeing it)... but the knowledge I made people laugh... or at least smile.

On Favstar, I tracked this, and yes, it was my most highly retweeted tweet ever. 

60 favourited it! Of course, again, Favstar too tracks tweets differently so it shows only 598 retweets.

Still - again - I made people smile or laugh.

And in times like this, we all need to just learn to do either.

PS - it's been retweeted a few more times since I screen capped it, and the tweet remains the MOST popular tweet if you search the word Bersih.