Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What the... awwwwwww

Ok guys... I need your help.

Just what the fuck is an air conditional???

It just had to be made in Malaysia.

Anyways... hari ni sesi lepak with my band of brothers. Kengkawan semua nak day out. Actually takde la merancang. Memasing kempunan nak lepak bersama pekena kopi. Port biasa - Starbucks hat Curve.

Pastu jenjalan layan window shopping. Then I spotted this!

What the heck is that???!! Yes, peeps! It's a cat! First time aku nampak kucing kaler oren! Well, its tail at least. Tapi kucing tu sungguh manja. There was another cat in the window of the petstore hat Ikano. Tengok raga si putih ni manja. Auwwww....

Kesian.. last last kena tolak against the glass of the enclosure and soap ken a choke hold paksa peluk gitu. Heh....

What can I say... relationships can indeed be stifling at times. But then again... it's always a guarantee of someone next to you at all times that's reassuring for some of us.