Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch, and share

Remember I told you we did a flashmob a couple of weeks ago? Here's the video, I hope you guys enjoy it.

With this one, we wanted to to change up the dance flashmob/smart mob, so we did it in a staggered formation. Usually the numbers grow as the mob progresses.

For this one, we started with a group, then the baton was passed to another, and so on. And only for the finale all the groups came together.

We also opted for a harder edge to the choreography, and also the choice of music since we wanted to tie in with the Beats image of being funkier and harder since we were on the platform of promoting the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio.

I hope you guys like it. While we're a smart mob, which means one for corporate means, we stay true to the essence of a flashmob in other ways - such as the sudden congregation and dispersing of the crowd, the hidden cameras and other equipment (which some don't even consider).

Yes, we do try to stay true. After all, being INSPIRED means to study what it's all about to get about it. Not just 'monkey see, monkey do'.

Ok ok... dahlah. Panjang pulak nak blog walaupun pemalas katanya. Enjoy the video, and please, do tweet it, blog about it, share it on forums and websites and link it on your Facebook or Google+ and help us continue to make awesome flash mobs.