Monday, January 02, 2012

Tweeting is addictive

Not many people realize this. Tweeting is addictive. Even blogging kalah bab tweeting ni.

I used to like focus on blogging. Aku diam-diam began blogging in 2003. You won't find those entries anywhere. Why? Because I deleted them.

It was really like my personal diary back then, where all my most intimate secrets were published under a pseudonym that no one could ever trace back to me. Sometime in 2004, I took on the name 'klubbkidd' as a tribute to my clubbing days, and to the generation of club kids that emerged in the early 90s.

I still blogged for personal, but somehow along the way people discovered my blog and started reading it. From 3 to 30 to 300 to 3000 a day... that was a lot back then about seven years ago.

Skang kata 30,000 ke 300,000 a day pon da tak heran kalao blog besau-besau. Aku nak cakap apa... zaman aku penah 12,000 pon da cam wow gila babiks.

But those numbers were big then, and it drew a lot of attention to my name.

I didn't know what to do with it. The whole branding.

Then Twitter came along. In 2009, I finally caved in (a little late) and registered in May. Never tweeted much, because I still tried to focus on blogging. By 2010, I went crazy, and started tweeting like nobody's business.

It was faster, got the point across, and it was realtime, which was a lot more important.

And then 2011 saw me membiarkan blog aku dalam alam barzakh sebab malas tahap gaban, plus sibuk. Tweeting was my way out to just have my say, whether or not people were listening.

And so far, more than 32,000 people are listening.

Point of this entry?

So many things have changed, and I realize that my chance take on social media, has emerged into something amazing. It almost grew out of control into a monster at some point, but now I've reined in the crazy and brought it under control.

I laugh when I watch kids today bask in the 'glamour' of the spotlight of social media without understanding how to use it to their benefit.

The only way they know how is freeloading and showing off people know them, or try to make small time money by peddling shit through advertorials.

Total sell outs.

Me? I still retain the point of view I've had through the years. I'm cynical, sarcastic but not without a heart, and I'll continue being me.

Twitter however has much tested my friendship with many people.

Ye la... followers 32,000 tapi aku follow dalam 88 orang je. Why? Sebab semak gila timeline, especially nak jaga hati orang, follow gak, tapi haprak je tweets sungguh membosankan.

Ada yang marah bila unfollow bagai... nak wat camna. Hakikatnya you bore me.

Kawan-kawan nak simpan business card pon tak guna kan, kalao tak pakai?

Pfttt! I have a grand design in mind for my future, and honestly social media is big and growing, and I want to be part of the explosion.

People should just cast away that mentality of blog advertising or tweet advertising old school style. No one is gonna believe something's great if you get paid to say so.

Branding has to be honest and in line with your real leanings.

Blogging honestly, for me - has become irrelevant in so many ways. It's like the dot com bubble in the late 90s that just went bust and splattered all over. Now, honestly, I maintain this blog out of pure nostalgia and merely for the sake of documentation of my life.

That's all I wanted to say for today... banyak keja nap siapkan sebenarnya... I have a lot of thoughts in my head, tapi nanti lah. Aku blog slang serious 100% tank spell check ke usha grammar ke... main cirit terus to words.

I'm keeping it honest now.