Friday, January 20, 2012


Today I hade five meetings. Yes, count 'em - FIVE. Dari pagi, at 9am all the way to midnight! Pfttt!!! Demi nak cari sesuap nasi katanya. Since I had to get through the day, I paced myself and ran around with a more calm, Zen-like approach.

Yeah... Zen... while screaming at the traffic. Actually, it was pretty mild - not the traffic. My screaming... I was more relaxed today as I didn't want to kill myself running about.

The traffic however, was horrendous with the last minute rush before the holiday weekend coming up.

Everywhere I turned... it looked like this.

Still... I made it through the day! Phew! So much work done today - and that's with the HUGE amount of paperwork and emails I had to go through.

Thank goodness it's the holidays coming up!