Thursday, January 05, 2012


What's my mantra for 2012?


Don't over clutter your life with all the bullshit. No drama, no unnecessary bullshit. Set goals, and works towards them.



First, as always is my family. I work for them. I strive for them. I want to give them a great life. We have a few shitty short years here, make the most of it.

Second, my career - or more appropriately, my passion. I quit journalism for a reason. It's my second passion after music, but I have spent 16 years on it. Now it's time to rededicate myself to what I love most. And yet, still try to make more money than I could ever dream of than in this path I took.

Thirdly - declutter. So often we have so many 'attachments' in friends, and material possessions that we get our priorities mixed up. This includes our personal life. Everyone wants to be in love, and whoever tells you that you need someone to make you happy - really doesn't know what to do with their lives.

I have promised myself ages ago, never to be a hamster on a wheel, working 9 to 5 and going through a routine until I die.

For 2012, I set no resolutions. I just set goals.

That's why on New Year's Eve while everyone was partying, I was decluttering. Spring cleaning if you must. I threw out everything that did not fit into my life.

My material possesions (apart from my car and my gadgets) most prized, is my music collection (lost count after 5,000 CDs - most bought out of my own money since I was a student).

Then there's also the small indulgence with all things Gucci.

And that's it. Those are my little 'pampering' items to get me through the moments when the days get a little tough.

Oh wait a minute...

There's also my collection of 80s toys (M.A.S.K. for the win!).

Apart from that, I have chosen not to be tied down. I could literally pack up and move (not that I want to). The less we have, the less we tend to have a feeling of emotional attachment to, and the more focused we are.

I hope this little experiment works.

My life is simplified. I try now to just focus on projects under my company and God willing, my upcoming permanent employment which is a dream! (which will remain secret until confirmed).

Spent the whole of today running around meetings from 9 in the morning, and am writing this at this hour half asleep.

It's not easy... it's tiring.

Someone asked me, how I can juggle three to four ongoing jobs at once.

Easy - think of what you want, and work for it. What's the saying... 'get rich or die trying'.

Ok... I don't wanna die trying... but I guess the phrase goes more to highlight the extent of your effort, and that's what I have to focus on now.

The next two weeks are crucial - and already I'm in full swing as of yesterday to get going on all the work I built a foundation for since the end of last year.

The results? I'll let you in on a clearer picture of what's shaping up soon, my dear blog (and readers, if I still have any).