Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Someone asked me today.

"Macamana jadi retis?"

I so hate that fucking word. Retis. Slang for 'artis'.

In Malaysia, every fucking Thong. Dev and Harith can be a 'star'. Oh wait a minute, that happens everywhere. Only difference is, only here, orang sebut, "Eh... artislah" just because you had two seconds on a TV screen, or sunk into a swimming pool for a photoshoot for some soft porn mainstream publication.

Terus jadi 'retis'.

Go fuck yourselves people.

I have stopped referring to people in the performing arts industry as 'artis' a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong. I give them more respect by calling them 'anak seni'.

Artis is now freely used for any idiot now yang grab a few inches in a gossip column, even if he or she is an absolutely fucking nobody.

Such disrespect to real artistes who display real talent in so many other facets of the creative arts circles...

The whole cult of celebrity happens everywhere. But only in recent years, it has been become extremely disturbing.

When people in the general public started knowing me from blogging, I was uncomfortable with the spotlight, simply because the 'reties' word popped up.

Excuse me? I'm not a singer, actor (have done acting, but that does NOT make me an actor), or any screen celebrity that has something to show for. I may be a personality in some circles as I am known for my loud opinions, but that does NOT make me a star.

Unfortunately, SOME bloggers/Youtubers/Twitterers now seem intoxicated by the whole cult of celebrity that they see it as a way to achieve their 'fame' to immediately elevate themselves on par with the glitterati they want to be like.

I absolutely detest and abhor that - especially when some of these morons have about as much talent as a four year old juggling five flaming chainsaws.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes you become a celebrity of sorts deservingly enough from some point of view, but let's review again - what substantial yield do you have nak digolongkan dengan orang yang menghasilkan semi serener?

Ugh... retis... artis...pantat opah ko berulat la.

Everytime ada 'kawan' lama (some person I've known in the earlier stages of my life but never acknowledged my existence before) serempak aku and recognize me from some TV show ke haper, and say, "Eh, ko artis ek skang" sumpah aku geli geliman.

NEVER - EVER - call anyone by that, please. Unless they really have a body of work that really exists to be acknowledged.

Er... tu je aku nak meroyan hari ni.

Seriously, though, kids today have to realize being recognized doesn't make you popular, and even being recognized and popular does not pay the bills.

If I have to deal with being recognized, I will - but I want to pay the fucking bills first. And no, I will never - ever - look kindly to be called anything along those derogatory terms.