Monday, January 09, 2012

Moving on

I have not really spoken in detail about this.

We all have friends right. And some of us... most of us, treasure them for who they are.

Somehow, along the way, I've lost friends. Not out of choice, you understand.

Sometimes, people fail us. Whether it's out of our mistake, or theirs. Does it matter? It just ends at some point win we least expect it and we have to move on.

I've always found it hard. Until recently in the last few years, I found it easier.

'Friends come and go, but for the few we hold on to dearly."

I try and hold on to everyone I have ever called a friend.

And then I realized, sometimes it's not wrong to move on and perhaps part ways with friends at some point.

We all grow and we all seek different goals in life that separate us occasionally from the initial bonds that bound us.

In 2011 alone, I decided to cut ties with several people near and dear to me. Including one of the best friends I ever had. And it was definitely out of choice.

I wouldn't say we had an arguments or fights for real. It was just, I had to admit that we had different priorities it life, and it got more obvious by day.

My need to succeed, to make something out of myself, appeared too ambitious for some friends who never saw the same direction as I did for the future. Does that make me wrong? No. Does it make them wrong? No too to that.

So I accept the fact now, that sometimes, we all want different things and we just have to accept things as they are and move on.

Coming into 2012, I accepted that I had to discard a few more people who have been by my side.

Had to. Not willingly.

There was no anger. No hatred. No frustration. No negative emotions of any sort.

I wish all of them the best in all their undertakings and hope and pray only for the best in life. We all need to grow, and I decided to. So maybe, one day, in time, our paths will cross, and forgiveness about this necessity will take over.

For now I just have to move on. I have more pressing goals at hand.

I've always said. My priorities in life are as such.

My family will ALWAYS be first. My dad, my mom and my sister are the most important people in my life. Nothing, nothing will ever come close.

The second is going to be my career, because I can count on nothing else but my own efforts to make sure that my folks are taken care for.

Nothing comes third or fourth or even close to the two interrelated matters.

My friends come way after that.

No one is anyone's first. We all understand that. And now... let's move on...



yes, let's.
am doing exactly wat ure doing. tq for the heartfelt entry :)

Just something I wanted to get off my chest