Saturday, January 07, 2012

A mouthful

Balik tadi, perasan ada member kat Twitter... as well as one of my followers mention something with regards to cam betapa hebatnya meka dok rumah malam minggu, dan so rang agik about how bosun gila plan nak keluar tak jadi so bertapa je di rumah.


Those would have been sentiments I would have agreed to up to a couple of years ago, I guess.

Call me an old, jaded bastard... tapi pada umur 35 nak masuk 36 ni (walaopon perangai aku kekadang cam budak gak), I think it's no big deal if I have to stay at home. Rumah itu syurga was one of my answers.

And why not?

I love being at home.. in fact, sometimes, when I'm late to chill out with mates, it's simply because I can't bear to be away from home.

Satu, most obviously sebab aku stay with my folks. Loser, right? If you say living in with your parents makes you some sort of dork or dweeb, then think again. I CHOOSE to stay with my folks, because I've seen more than enough people regret when their folks are no longer around. Me... I just want to spend every moment of my life with them... life is short, and they, and my sister have been there for the longest friends or relationships come even close to that.

Apart from that, I know it may sound silly, but everything I've earned, I've placed around me. My room - is my little sanctuary from the real world. Trust me when I say I have everything - from music to reading material to my whacky little unexplainable collectibles ranging from retro toys to more kitschy stuff.

So, maybe... for me, home is indeed where the heart is. And I now, can't for the life of me figure out kenapa orang nak meroyan kalau duduk rumah malam minggu. Nak joget cucuk langit? Pfttt! Been doing that since I was 15 kot... sampai umur aku late 20s. Been there, done that... got the t shirt... donated it.

Try staying at home once in a while. Gives you clarity. Maybe it's not for everyone... I mean, a decade ago, I would have thought of myself as the biggest loser not kalau dok rumah. So all in good time... cuma tuk aku, takyah la tunggu umur da kertu cam aku not nak appreciate those more important things in life.

So what did I do tonight?

I did this.

If you think that's like any burger - man... you're fucking missing out.

If you guys wanna try, it's Zam Burger located outside a house (niaga depan rumah je) at No.26, Jalan 6/23B, Taman Danau Kota. Kalau tau kawasan Danau Kota mana ada Uptown tu... defat da. It's after the Old Town White Coffee stretch, and a minute or two's walk from PV12. Call Zam at 012 912 4699 if you wanna know directions.

Trust me, it is freaking awesome. I had the Super King with cheese. Pergh! Seketul pom da cukup - nangis Whopper Burger King pom kalah beb.

It was supposed to be six of us, but suddenly some 14 or 15 in total gathered there. Havoc la terms. Ok... so in this case, rare as it is... it was nice to spend a Saturday night with friends, for some laughs, good food (if you think I'm over exaggerating, try the burger there first) and a drink afterwards just to gab about everything under the sun.

Still... the moment I got home... mungkin sebab da mask tahap ular sawa kekenyangan... it felt good to be home...