Friday, January 13, 2012


Today was a TIRING day. Serious sial... I started the day at 9am. Not funny considering that I am a nocturnal creature that can barely function anytime before noon.

Yes, hari ni hari for my smart mob to take place kat Pavilion. The venue has been one of my ideal spots to do a flashmob or smart mob for the longest time.

Sebelum ni hanya angan-angan je. Tapi sejak hari tu kansel dari nak wat kat KL Sentral yang susah nak mampus nak kejasama, Pavilion menjadi second choice which was actually one of my main first choices for the longest time.

Aku tinggal dua tiga tempat je yang nak wat mob sebelom I give up this activity. Letih down tiap kali nak wat mob ni. Gerenti sumpah seranah seminggu sebab tak cukup tidur, rehat dan sebagainya.

Still, by the end of today, it was so worth it.

Biarlah Friday the 13th hari ni pun take lag. Am so loving it because despite hurt hard last minute as usual, it actually went off without a glitch.

I am so thankful to my crew who did it all so well and pulled the project off with no problems. Thank you Apeng, my protege yang than makian dua trak sebab standard aa aku nail psycho time projek camni. Also thanks to Boojae, Epul and the rest of Floor Fever and the dancers under the Funky Fresh Family for your commitment and making my life easier - and more fun.

I also thank my J Play's new affiliates in Phuture Phlow Films for their hard work, notably Adam and Kroll. Korang the best la. All the camera and sound crew involved, korang memang the bomb.

For those of you who missed it, the mob was for HTC and the Sensation XE with Beats Audio. Hence, tengok moka aku yang letih ni, sill perasan the Beats headphones yang menghiasi leher ku itu.

Dan jangan tafsir. Memang rambut aku skang dalam proses kaler camtu. Bukan naik uban sebab stress, walaopon rasanya memang ada sehelai dua yang terhasil dalam seminggu dua ni pon.

Matilah. Seriously, despite minor glitches, it was an awesome mob, and I am proud that we pulled it off yet again.

J Play remains THE most amazing smart mob organizers in the country, with no competition from any party, and here's hoping we continue to grow as that, apart from the other business ventures that we embark on.

Will update the video soon, so hope korang to long sebar and make it viral just like out iconic ones in KLCC and Bukit Bintang.

Ok... nak rehat sat... I need sleep!