Sunday, January 01, 2012

It's 2012!

Yes, happy new year 2012 all! I wish everyone the best in all they do, and may this new year become bigger and better for all of us - before the Mayans are proven right and the world goes to shit.... oh wait a minute.. we don't need them for that - we do that pretty well on our own.

Anyway, azam tahun baru aku... well actually I have no resolutions because I think they're pathetic ways to reassure ourselves we will do better without any actual effort to go with that confidence. But one thing I have decided to do, date notwithstanding - is to continue blogging again.

In 2011, my blogging was sporadic at best. As and when. My excuse is that it was a busy year and that there were tons for me to do sampai tidur pon tak cukup masa sampai blood pressure setinggi KLCC.

And here's where things will be a little different in 2012. I will have the time because I'm managing it better now.

I was... and still am juggling several jobs at once. Beginning today, effectively, I have resigned from The Malay Mail. As a senior local entertainment journalist, first of all, I feel pay is crap in this business here... I see people making money left, right, center... and unfortunately I'm not one of them.

Used to be passionate, now I'm just indifferent because of so many things I can't change within that position.

Malaysian music for one is so wrought with politics that it's not funny. Most music lovers don't see it, because it's thinly veiled... but enough to mask intentions.

Try making it as a band or an solo new act, and you'll see it all for yourself.

So anyways, I've had my own company for a while now, and that's where I see potential in growth, and God willing 2012 is promising a lot coming my way. So career wise, more focused on making the RMs...

In negotiations for a new full time job - but I'm taking my time...I have projects lined up to March, so no rush there as my income is confirmed for now until June at least by how I planned it.

Eh lari topik lak... but point is, I will manage time better to return to blogging.

But why?

Well. The name 'klubbkidd' now, orang kenal mostly because of Twitter as I have shifted there to be more active. klubbkiddkl at least (tak dapat nama klubbkidd cause some asshole da got it suspended)

I've moved on from blogging, and I could care less, because in the last few years, every Thong, Dev and Harith has decided that blogging is instant stardom and money money money, so they start throwing trash left right center. Everything's over-monetized... I mean there are some blogs where there's NOTHING but advertorials.

That's why I moved on to develop my branding on Twitter.

Also, one main thing in my mind was, since I was more active on Twitter because of the ease of access, what the fuck am I going to blog about?

This stumped me for several weeks since I thought of blogging again.

I came to the conclusion that while I can be random on Twitter, my blog does offer one thing that is harder to do on micro blogging.

Expressing my most inner thoughts and emotions.

When I started blogging years ago, I had this thing going on - write without planning, just keep typing what comes to mind without thinking of grammar or spelling or editing it all at the end of the entry.

And then slowly because my blog started getting hits, and people started telling me they wanted it like this or like that, I started tailoring it to the needs or wants of other people.

Tak best la da camtu. After all, a blog is self-indulgence. It's all about me, me and more me kan?

People who bitch about that, but have their own blogs to rant about others really contradicts themselves.

So, I finally came to the conclusion that I would continue blogging - as myself, as true to a journal I can be to document the important events and thoughts in my life. Nothing more, nothing less.

And with that it might not be skewed towards what you would expect as before when it was all glitzy for people to come in because of photos and shit. I mean, it will still have all that, but not as marketed as before.

I just want to really take time to explain thoughts in my head...

And if you guys continue to be with me, then I thank you. Coming up to eight years of blogging now, and I think this is the most significant change for my when it comes to blogging.

So thank you folks, party on, it's 2012, I will blog soon. Tomorrow actually, as I have decided to somehow... some way, blog every day as I promised and carried out a couple of years ago.

A round of hugs to everyone, I love you... and thank you for taking the time to be part of my life and allowing me to be part of yours.

Now - party on!