Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today was the day. Had a press conference earlier today. And for one of the rare few times - I was not covering it, but sitting up front.

Today - my talent, Amir was signed on by Kasi Gegar Entertainement.

Sebelum ni, we had signed to KGE on a single basis on mutual agreement. Thus the result in Tanpamu.

With the response to Tanpamu, and the amazing support Amir has been getting, it was time to turn up the volume.

On behalf of my company J Play - I agreed with KGE as the choice for our recording company to work with simply because of their belief in Amir and the support they've thrown behind him.

Ni Amir perform masa the event. Was so proud!!! Kalau nak tau lebih about the whole thing, check out the J Play website for more info.

This was the press kit. Apart from a a promo copy of Tanpamu with a demo of Gelisah, Amir's second single - there was also Aizat's karaoke VCD for Urusan Aizat Amdan which was also launched today. Don't forget to get it in stores NOW!

And of course, keep supporting Tanpamu as the song is still going strong on radio!