Monday, January 16, 2012


From now on, I'm like whatever.

I choose to be apathetic about some things in my life that I feel, will not contribute to my well-being or self-improvement.

Is that selfish?


But then again, who's gonna be there for me at the end of the day?


So, with the responsibilities I have on my plate, it's time to take things seriously.

I have goals to achieve, and efforts to make before I can reach it, so I'm not letting anyone, or anything get in the way of things that I have planned.

Keep moving forward, and eyes on the prize.

Why am I going on with this monologue? Simply because I have no one else to rely on but myself.

I may have at some points in my life become an emotional parasite, depending on the approval and support of others to take myself where I want to go.

No more.

Now, it IS all about me.


Again, yes.

Do I care?

Only for those who mean the world to me - my family. I'm doing all of this for them. No one else.

And if this means my life has to change, I will do what it takes.