Saturday, January 14, 2012

Burger time!

After stressing out smalam, dan day hilang keletihan sedikit sebab tidur sepanjang hari ni, tonight was reserved for #TwtUpBurger. The 'tweet-up burger' (or burger gathering for Twitterers in case you're unfamiliar with the jargon) is where a bunch of Twitteres gather for the awesomest burger in the country.

Lokasi? Burger Zam. Sedap gila wei burger ni! Serious korang tak cuba, RUGI! Biar abang Zam niaga dari rumah je, tetap better than even the biggest of franchises. Home-made patties yang YUMMY! Nak alamat, check my previous blog entry pasal ni. Anyway, here are just some pics I snapped. Malas entry panjang-panjang.

Hah.... tu lah abang Zam. Dan tu lah rumah dia. Niaga small time tapi... meletup burger dia. Jap je da abih.

Check out the patties sizzling away. J-U-I-C-Y!!!

All the tweeps had at least two burgers - I could only down one. Kenyang gila sebab patties did humongous. And the prices are damn worth the burgers, so give it a try kalau korang area Danau Kota.

It was a great night of good food, awesome friends - followed up by #TwtUpHorror where my band of brothers had a horror movie marathon and more. Guys version of a pajama party lah. Phuttz jade tuan rumah, while the other that joined included Aizad, Elmi, Amir, Feris, Aizu and Dan. Best kot da lama semua tak menggila camni konsep bujang (da memang semua technically bujang- due je engaged)

Ah... this is the sort of off day that I love.