Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boulder Hill

Oooo yesterday masa tengah stress tahap gaban, baru nak keluar rumah nak ke another meeting yang panjang lebar of the many I have to attend, dapat gak benda yang wat aku senyum cam dial. Hik.

You guys probably know my obsession with toys from the 80s kan - specifically M.A.S.K. cartoon toys. Well, hair tu aku spend over RM700 for Rhino and Switchblade. Then in the same day, spent another RM700 plus on Boulder Hill.

Boulder Hill ni special sikit because memang susah nak dapat sket kalau banding semua barangan mainan M.A.S.K. It's the headquarters tuk orang baik dalam kartun tu... kira iconic gila. Aku masa kecik nak sangat sebab masa tu kumpul dapat sampai semua orang jahat lengkap wo!

Tapi zaman dulu Boulder Hill ni kira mahal la gak sebab kira dua ratus lebih Ringgit kot. Matilah dulu tak dapat, skang beli da lebih RM300. Postage and shipping dari UK pon sama harga ngan barang. Sial jek.

Tapi pas dua minggu kot... delay sebab Christmas and New Year, akhirnya semalam SAMPAI!

Atas tu before converting. Tu the headquarters, Boulder Hill - guest starring some of the iconic M.A.S.K. vehicles I have like Thunderhawk, Raven and Rhino. Tu sebelom did bertukar... pic bawah ni pas did convert. Merasalah!

Oooh.. me likey it a lot!

Memang angin aku happy je sepanjang hari pastu. These are more than toys. They're 26 year-old memories, a representation of a time in my life which was so far removed from the life I have now.

I don't know... it may seem immature, but honestly, my M.A.S.K. toys allow me to hold on to past memories worth holding on, to remind myself that nothing is impossible - like owning a Boulder Hill. Just that sometimes... it takes just a little more time to achieve and attain.

Speaking of which, my talent, Amir Jahari hari ni da record did nya second single, Gelisah. Yeay! Producer same macam time Tanpamu - Anas Amdan - and it will also be released via Kasi Gegar.

In fact, tunggu announcement special minggu depan.

Am proud that Amir is one of the most notable newcomers of 2011 in the local music industry, and I hope we can hold the pace and continue full steam ahead for 2012.

Eh ok lah... malas update panjang-panjang. Wanna go play with my toys. Heh!