Monday, October 03, 2011

Showdown and the other Lee

Since I'm backdating significant events that happened throughout 2011 before I can move on with the rest of my blogging activities, here's one that I want to put in my blog and remember for the longest time to come.

I've met several American Idols. Ok, not several. Just Kelly Clarkson (twice, got to even chill with her in a club in Singapore way back when she just won and met her briefly for a concert in Kuala Lumpur) and also Kris Allen (whom strangely enough I noticed from the auditions itself.

One Idol I do like a lot is Lee DeWyze. From the get go, I knew he would do well, or at least I hoped he would. And finally, I got to meet him. He's an awesome dude.

He was so cool and we got to talk a bit. I love the way he talks about his music, and you could just tell he was straight up and honest about so much. Obviously, Hollywood hasn't gotten to him because his facial expressions revealed whenever he felt uncomfortable, or uneasy.

But even better than meeting him was getting to see him perform live - TWICE. And the best song from him (though I love all his songs), was his rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah!

Seriously meremang bulu roma. Few can just hold a guitar and sing, and still evoke a whole landscape of emotions, and it's definitely no wonder he won American Idol.

Apart from the show at Astro in Studio 1, I also got to catch him live at Subang Parade where he performed for fans and had a meet and greet.

Meeting such an honest singer-songwriter is always a wonder. And it was definitely one of the highlights of 2011 to meet Lee.

One of the best things to happen also this year, was Showdown 2011. Why?

Well, last year, members of the Funky Fresh Family dominated the top three for Showdown with Wakaka and Floor Fever placing first and third. This year, four more members of the family entered Showdown - namely Elecoldxhot, Rokusteps, Bounce Steppers and also HMC Phlow.

But best of all - this year, with so many of my family members in the show, I was also called as a guest judge alongside Maple Loo and Joe Flizzow. Many asked what dance background I had to qualify me - but I judged based on performance and visual value with a little on technical and styles which is something I do know about having used dance for acts I've managed sebelum ni.

It was definitely fun. And ironic too. Since I was a member of production and faculty of Akademi Fantasia 9 which ran in tandem with Showdown 2011, it was kind of fun to be called to judge another show on another station.

Especially since my fellow teacher in the Akademi too, in Ning, was a judge the week before me.

Definitely something I will remember.