Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Oh my Berrry!

Since I'm backtracking on key events for 2011, this is one that I freaking remember. The special preview of the Blackberry Playbook. Yes, I was one of the few to get my hands on it before the worldwide launch.

I was excited since something like last October, sebab memang aku suka specifications for the Playbook. Of course, you guys would know I was an iPad user (was as is I gave away my iPad to my sister after I got the Playbook). Here are some pics from the special preview.

I matched it up against my iPad, and in every way (ignore just applications alone), and the Blackberry Playbook stacks up better in every single department.

Ni si Daphne pun cuba tangan dia kat the Blackberry Playbook.

And this is the match-up between the Blackberry Playbook, the Galaxy Tab and the iPad. Jauh beza. Dah try tiga-tiga, seriously if you want a toy - get an iPad. If you want something for work, get the Blackberry Playbook. And if you can't afford both - get the Galaxy Tab. Matilah aku kena carut pengguna Tab. I just find it doesn't excel in any department. I mean, iPads rock apps. The Playbook rocks for work and audio and video quality. The Tab is just trying.

And this is mine! My sweet, glorious Blackberry Playbook.

Ok, I snapped more pics of the packaging there. Oh well. Anyway, the first person I added on video chat was Atilia. Dia pun Blackberry Playbook addict (reformed like me from our iPad addiction prior to this)

And it provides me enough for what I need. Something to do work big time, enjoy music and videos as they should (think HD recording and playback capabilities as well as stereo recording AND playback - even the iPad 2 doesn't even come close)

The apps are so-so if you're looking for gaming tablet, but it's enough if you're not into just simply games on a tablet. Full functionality!

And yes, I am proud that because of my immense interest, I am an online friend of Blackberry. Kira macam duta gak la... heh. Tapi hanya selepas aku memang minat ye. Bukan dibayar baruy nak posting pujian melampau.

Back to games, check out the pre-loaded Need For Speed 2.

Matilah ko, dalam jam pun nak feeling layan!