Sunday, October 02, 2011


If anyone liked my previous entry, with a lot of pictures, then you're going to love this. A few months ago, sometime in between Akademi Fantasia, I had an assignment in Macau. My first time there. Awesome!

Got to stay in the two hotels at the City of Dreams including the Hard Rock Hotel Macau, and got to catch the House of Dancing Water - the most awesome live show EVER! Youtube it and see for yourself.

Also got a backstage tour at The House of Dancing Water to see how the whole production works. Banyak belajar camna nak put a show like this together.

The holiday was good, the food was good - and the shopping was great! Had a fun time with the whole entourage, which included Erra Fazira and Daphne Iking. Enjoy the pics guys.

PS - Also got my first casino experience and won a few hundred Ringgit. Not much, but in an hour or two, not bad if I do say so myself. Too short a time there. Four days definitely not enough...