Friday, October 14, 2011

Touch ups

Of course, I'm still continuing my effort to update my blog, so don't worry if you see it a little empty for a while. Dalam lebih tujuh tahun da blog ni, my blog has gone through several changes, and this is one time that aku nak fine tune my whole blog layout.

Of course, there are several considerations. First of all, ever since I took on this blog skin, I've had the colour scheme changed to something that seems to be a favourite choice - which is my combination of red, black and white (with occasional grays).

I got rid of a lot of stuff last time, making it lighter, easier to load, and nicer to view on a mobile, for those of you who may come in on your smartphones.

And of course my background has changed. To cater to that geekier tech-toy and gadget side of me. Yes... I care more than just for my Guccis.

Why the chosen background? Becaus I am advocating Blackberry - my all time favourite, and a new love for.. Android! And my choice, obviously, as a music lover is the to be released HTC Sensation XE.

On the Blackberry Bold 9900 - I'm not using it yet, but waiting to take delivery of the phone, but since I was one of the first in Malaysia to preview it and get to play with it, I'm convinced it's the phone for me.

And knowing me, I've had FOUR lines before sebelum ni, and now I'm down to two phones, so my second had to be upgraded from the shitty Nokia I was using. Didn't make sense to use another Blackberry, so I was looking for something else. And no iPhones, because I am an iPhone hater... everyone knows that. Why? Simply because I think iPhones are overglorified, overhyped toys for retarded 13 year-olds (personal opinion here).

My virgin attempt at the HTC Sensation XE (and being the first few Malaysians to actually be using it before it hits the shelves) - left me amazed. With Beats Audio technology, it's the phone for me. Of course it didn't hurt that it came with the Beats earphones AND the Android platform left me downloading stuff day and night. Nice!

So that explains the whole layout.

More updates coming for sure. Happy I finally tweaked my blog to how I like it... so now, let the show begin!

PS - I've removed the chat box. Simply because I find it irrelevant in this day and age when Twitter has taken over for real time discussions. After all the chat script doesn't show on mobile phones, and that renders it useless in most parts simply because most of us go online more often on phones. If you're desktop and you're discouraged by this, simply start a Twitter account. Semua da ada takkan tanak kot... ish ish ish.