Saturday, October 01, 2011


Aku janji nak update blog lama sangat dah. But somehow... ada saja keja nak wat. Finally got round to kickstarting the updating that I've promised.

But I guess I have to really backtrack. So you guys know I was part of the production and faculty of Akademi Fantasia 9. Memang time tu, aku banyak job masuk skali so tidur pon tak penah cukup, and seriously, it's been that way all the way to last month.

Ni bulan Oktober pon banyak aku kena wat, so I'm trying to cultivate the habit of updating my blog as often as I can.

It won't be like before obviously, daily... like for the past couple of years. But takdela sampai blog jadi kategori alam barzakh katanya bersawang bagai.

So let me start the trip back to what I've been up to for the last nine months that I've been too lazy to update my blog.

Beginning from Akademi Fantasia... tapi korang pon da tau what happened (and what you don't know obviously I can't blog about). But no matter what, the good, the bad or even the ugly, Akademi Fantasia has been an integral part of my career, so being part of the last year IS something special.

Selalu carut, lagi sekali, buat kali kedua peluang, I get to try and change things from the inside rather than just bitch about it. Of course this is easier said than done as a production is always a team effort - so I did what I could and that was it. Skang layan the photos... these are in chronological order.

Siapa yang follow Twitter aku would have noticed most of these pictures which are mainly from behind the scenes. Have fun.... I know I did going down memory lane with all these pics.

Kalau korang minat any of these pics, aku izinkan korang pakai in any way, BUT jangan sesekali tambah watermark sendiri dan sila kredit source which is my blog, ok? Now enjoy... it took me ages to upload all these pics. Line damn slow... cam sial... tapi demi nak rajinkan diri, aku usaha gak!

Until the next entry...