Friday, October 14, 2011


I know you guys are probably bored of Angry Birds. Well, at least I am by now. Tapi that hasn't stopped me from continuing to waste more money buying crap stuff like this. Aduh.. penangan Angry Birds terlalu hebat!

So this is definitely the last entry EVER, as I clear my stock of stuff in the past few months that have occupied my life.

I have so many keychains, so I don't know what possessed me to get these two that day after a random jalan-jalan session kat sebuah mall.

This however came into good use. Since I quite occasionally travel, this is always handy. But you have to be a loud, shameless character to wear this in public - even if you're going to sleep, because I wore this on the flight, the cabin crew were giggling and immediately identified me as an Angry Bird fan.

For those who need folders, this is very nice. I like this collection. Beli banyak-banyak, bagi kawan-kawan...

And you might always get hot, kan?

Or get a cut... yeap... these are plasters. Packaging macam-macam, tapi plaster dia sama je, cuma warna je berbeza-beza sikit.

Going back to fans - kalau panas malas kipas ngan tangan, ni battery operated nya version. Matilah memacam ada...

Oklah.. mengarut je update pasal Angry Birds je. Well, while I still like Angry Birds, aku da tak fanatik cam dulu, so rest assured this is the last posting on any sort of Angry Bird merchandise.