Sunday, August 14, 2011

Add it up!

So I promised to update my blog. Before aku leh wat tuh, I had to do a little spring cleaning for my other online accounts yang da lama sudahpun dibiar begitu saja.

So if you guys haven't added me yet, here's several places I'm online as well. First of all, add me on Twitter - almost 17,000 plus are following my updates, which aku memang rajin, which is one of the reasons why I've become a lazy bum on my blog. Add me on Twitter by CLICKING HERE!

Then there's my Facebook friend page - where over 1,000 people are on as well. Just join by CLICKING HERE!

And if you're on Foursquare, this is my new Foursquare page. Just add me by CLICKING HERE!

And obviously there's my Youtube too.

And the latest - is of course for those of you who have just joined Google+ - just add me in your circles by CLICKING HERE.

Since klubbkidd, was born on the web, I thought it was time to take it to another level by actually sprucing up everything that has been neglected so far before I even begin moving back here into my blog. So yes, starting tomorrow, expect regular entries. Hope you guys will keep reading and here's until the next posting.



hoyee..hoyee.. kompem tiap2 ari aku refresh blog ko bro.. hahaha.. keep up d good work.. cherios.. ;0