Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Yes, yes.. pada sapa yang slalu skodeng blog aku... mesti korang like go what the fuck kan? Da lama tak update. Make it three months and one week since my last entry.

Sebenarnya mula-mula rancang nak backdate everything because I do have lots of pictures and stories to share. Tapi pikir balik... basi la kan.

Not that it would stop me. After all, this is sort of my personal journal. Aku kekadang feeling nostalgic belek balik baca gelak kebodohan sendiri. Matilah....

Anyways, I may or may not backdate at least important events passed, but yang pentingnya, I promise in one month from now - a new look and feel for my blog.

Makeover time!

I want to make it easier, accessible and most importantly current, so no more late updates.

Part of the laziness is because I don't have the time to sit my ass down like I used to, to update shit regularly.

Still, doesn't mean I've lost interest. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you'll see I've taken onto micro blogging big time. Sebab senang nak update on the spot dan upload pics bagai.

So, I hope for those of you who haven't, follow me on Twitter at and keep track of what's going on.

Meanwhile, I hope you guys will be patient with me and pop back anytime to see what's changing.



akhirnya... jom2 ramai2 kita meriahkan dunia maya ni..

mmg dh follow kat twitter tp xbest ah kat jugak best.

ya. saya foolow your tweetie via fb mobile.

anyway looking forward to your blog too.

but anyway, memang nampak ur movement memang very busy.

lama dah memang best!

tima kasih guys. ramai gak melangut sini ek walaopon berbulan ku tak update. LOL!