Thursday, December 02, 2010

In all forms

Went to Laundry to check out Najwa's acoustic set. Kalau korang tak penah tengok dia live, or stakat tengok dia masa konsert mingguan Akademi Fantasia ke Shout! Award, trust me, you haven't seen her perform.

First time aku tengok dia perform bebetul her own set masa Malam Nada Biru ngan Yuna. I was so blown away and became and instant fan.

There is so much soul is Najwa - it's not just about her sexy, silky vocals.

There is so much expression in her voice alone that it's mind-blowing!

Dia tweet je kat Laundry wat rehearsal - aku pas abih keja ngan member, jumpa Atilia kat Laundry and chilled out there just to watch her set. Tak banyak lagu - dalam setengah jam je, so sedih la sikit.

But it was a good night, and every time I see her perform live, I am so invigorated. Bersemangat nak berkreatif tengok bakat camni.

Jap... tukau channel sat. Apakah ini?

Kaset? Nope. This is Najwa's Blackberry. Heh... turn it around and this is what you'll see.

Tada!!!! I like this - nak cari. Siapa nampak mana jual kat sini bagitau ek. I like these novelty covers for the Bold 2. Tapi tanak yang cokelat tuh. That's just cheap and tacky.



smlm 29/12 sy ada twitpic kt u...ada jual kt sini