Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ok, so I'm obsessing again about the Blackberry Playbook. Found this video uploaded a couple of days ago on comparisons of web fidelity between the Blackberry Playbook and Apple iPad. And the Playbook kicks ass! I like!

Already the Samsung Galaxy Tab is no where close to competing against these two, and seriously, having an iPad, I am so looking forward to the Playbook. Can't wait for it to be release. I am so going to be among the first to use it here!

Never been so excited about a gadget!

So kalao aku da beli Playbook, iPad aku nak wat apa? Pakai dua-dua sekali lah. Orang pakai hanpon pon dua, apa salahnya tablet pon dua. Heh!



Joe, kalau playbook dah keluar, ko dah beli, dah test, kasi shout kt twitter. i follow u! hehe @oimira