Saturday, November 20, 2010

Make me wanna shout!

Had so much fun at the Shout! Awards malam tadi. Thanks to everyone over at 8TV as well as the Media Prima family for the improved hospitality this year. Slight glitches here and there but a pretty impressive show nonetheless.

I didn't focus on much and had too much fun to recount anything else. Heh...

The post party was whacked though as it was too packed and hot. Didn't snap too many pics.

That's Nora Danish dan Betty Rahmad. Cantik kan dua-dua? Sujud! Natural beauties. I can't stand women who pile on too much make-up and I think both of them memang au naturel pon lawa gila.

Jap.. mai main teka teki sikit. Kasut artis manakan ini? Tinggi wo! I think we're talking five inches easily (could be more)

Sambil korang jawab, ni snappy pic Vanessa dan Moots dari Popshuvit. Can't wait for this happy couple to get hitched next year.

Funnyman of the night - Zizan. Orang nak kata lawak kampung ke haper ke, he was easily the funniest man of the night and spontaneous!

Dah dapat jawapan kasut sapa tadi? Ni dia, supermodel of the world gituh pose sakan! Congratulations to Yuna for being the big winner of the night.

Apart from her music, I applaud Yuna because she does have good fashion sense. In fact, I think girls in tudungs can now feel stylist because of someone like Yuna yang tutup abih, tapi tetap maintain rupa stylo and edgy.

Not the easiest of a mix, but still it so works!

And finally, last but not least - 6ixth Sense. They won for Mobile Artist of the Year. Tang download tuh meka memang vast!

The full list of winners are as follows.

Break Out Award (The Ultimate Shout! Award) - Yuna
Rockstar Award - Bunkface (also in 2009)
Popstar Award - Yuna
Power Vocal Award - Faizal Tahir
Flava Award - Mizz Nina
Music Video Award - Prom Queen (Bunkface)
Best On Screen Chemistry Award - Afdlin Shauki & Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Fresh TV Series Award - Nur Kasih
Breakthrough Feature Award - Lagenda Budak Setan
Favourite TV Program - Showdown 2010
Favourite TV Personality Award - Zizan Raja Lawak (Raja Lawak 4)
Coolest Radio Announcer Award - Phat Fabes (Fly FM)
Favourite Radio Show Award - Hot FM AM Krew (Fara, Faizal & AG)
Hot Chick Award - Scha Al-Yahya
Hot Guy Award - Henry Golding
Mobile Artiste Of The Year Award - 6ixth Sense (Tanpa)

Left the post-party early. It was too crowded with too many people bringing an entourage, Iyaz was a bore and tried to get everyone's attention (oh well) and it was hot! Still got to catch up with friends though (especially to laugh at THAT thing that's been talked about the past week).

Oh well... time for some sleep.