Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's a storm!

My days are getting busier. Like I said, preparing for a lot of projects coming up for 2011. Nak kata awal, lewat sebenarnya sebab kalao kebanyakan company da start wat budget tuk tahun depan. So I'm hitting the accelerator and speeding to get everything done.

Ni tadi sempat makan malam to pamper myself a little.

Pastu speed to a meeting.

By the way, why do people do this? Aku tak paham konsep orang nak letak bebenda cam soft toys and all hanging from the back of their cars, near the exhaust ke bawah bumper ke...

Anyway, had a good brainstorming and lepak session.

Me likey! I am extremely inspired, and ideas are gushing. 2011 is going to be big!