Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Condition, bitch!

Malam tadi rajinkan diri nak angkut bontot gi panggung wayang. Da lama tak gi nonton wayang.

Tak kisah local or foreign, yang penting sekali sekala kena movie night out, kalao tak sorang (saja menggila kekadang nak my 'me' time) atau ngan kengkawan.

Anyway semalam gi layan pilem 3D katanya ngan kengkawan.

Apa lagi kalao bukan Tangled - from Disney.

I thought it wouldn't amount to much, but I was taken aback with what I saw. Never mind the 3D presentation or the animation or stuff.

But overall, the simple translation of Rapunzel's classic tale to screen was Disney classics revisited. It had the essence of every single classic out there and yet still feeling fresh with one-liners and all.

Even the music was haunting - walaupun I still feel something missing there.

Alan Menken - was responsible for bringing back the magic of Disney with music when he teamed up with Howard Ashman for The Little Mermaid. I can still sing along to the songs today.

Then there was Beauty and the Beast before Ashman passed away in 1991, and Tim Rice took over to help complete Aladddin. But by then the magic was gone (for me), especially when it moved on to Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and so on.

But Menken gets a little bit of his mojo back and I have to say couple with the stunning visuals, it was beautifully emotional.

Lama gila tak tengok animated stuff like this - I left smiling.

Ni bukan review., Just my thoughts that I came out with after watching Rapunzel.

PS - Why name it Tangled? Rapunzel's hair looked silky smooth. Heh!

PPS - Ni a little update. By the way, kalao nak tengok 3D ni, tengok la kat GSC. TGV screen aku tengok Rapunzel esoknya gelap, sound tak best dan seat kecik tak comfy at all. Nyesal.