Monday, October 11, 2010


Remember I told you guys about the postponed Adam Lambert interview. Well, it was on today, with Adam talking on the phone from there before his show there tomorrow.

It was amazing. I have new found respect for him and how he approaches his craft. We initially had fifteen minutes but the interview stretched to half an hour and it was simply because we ran out of things to ask since we ran through everything with such ease.

Initially he sounded a bit uncomfortable, which I put it down to him being one of those artistes who hated the normal questions he hears everyday over and over and over again.

And true enough, as we warmed up - he was on fire!

I will upload the recording of the interview in a few days (it must run in the paper first) and then you guys can see what I mean. So I won't say anything else about it except - WOW!

Pas abih keja dan sebagainya, lepaked with Altimet and Atilia kat Rasta. Nothing was planned actually, but someohow over Twitter, last minute planning, terus menjadi.

Tuh dia Atilia cokver bad hair day while si Altimet lak doing an impersonation of Jaws. Matilah aku pepandai je nak caption camtuh.

It was inspiring because being around artistes who are dedicated to their craft inspire me - and yes, I have new ideas for some meetings coming up later this week. It's going to be BIG and amazing.

Can't wait...

But it will have to as I'm too tired to put any of it on paper now and need to sleep...