Thursday, October 14, 2010

In the flesh

Finally... the man is here in the flesh!

We had the Adam Lambert press conference today. A little bit boring simply cause everyone was told not to question on sensitive issues (homosexuality/PAS). Boring compared to the no-holds barred interview I had with him over the phone. Also because some journalists who were acting like fans screaming into the microphone (unprofessional really, especially with limited time for the PC - and since selected fans were also in and decided to read a poem or some shit wasting more time)

But here are some pics for fans of Adam. Sorry, again as usual Im not a pro photographer. Everything was taken with my Blackberry.

That last pic looks better, right? Anyway, I got to talk with Adam for a very short while between the photocall and told him I was the one who interviewed him on the phone a few days ago and he was nice as he remembered.

And before you could say "PAS!" I whipped out the cover of my For Your Entertainment - Tour Edition cover, and Adam signed it for me. With my name of course.

My nieces are going to be so pissed at me. Heh! I'll update about the concert tonight in tomorrow's entry!

PS - Before I post the full audio interview with Adam, here's my article in The Malay Mail on it - CLICK HERE TO READ