Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He's here...

So Adam arrived today. Not much I can say except I'm deaf! Screaming girls everywhere. The man may be gay, but he seriously has 99% heterosexual female following.

The woman he walked out of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport arrival hall. I think all the glass surfaces within a 2km radium just exploded from the screeching and shrieking! And the mad rush to get photos and attempts of fans to get autographs was crazy (no one got any autographs though)

Yup... that's Adam in all black and beanie and sunglasses. These were the best pictures I got of him. Sad isn't it?

And here's some fans who stayed back to compare photos.

Here are a couple of pics from a friend who is a professional photographer cum paparrazi who managed to get quite a few good pictures.

Adam looks tired and aged. Wow... this must be what the rock and roll jet setting does to you.

Esok will be better cause we're having a press conference. I'm going to see if there's anything he'll add to what we've already talked about.

And of course, expect pictures!

Jap.. masa balik singgah Cyberjaya makan kat Padi saw this sign. Apa yang tak kena?

Feeling English katanya tapi tiba-tiba ejaan restoran lak. Camna tuh.

Anyway Padi ni nice location makan pon boleh tahan. Tapi aku sakit hati sebab aku order root beer float, ni yang meka hantar.

Lahanatnya pemalas. Kalao camni baik aku dok umah wat sendiri jek...



Air tu xleh blah
dasar malas punya pekerja,kalau tuang air xjadi float dah

part yg root beer float tuh mmg x menahan babe!!!!hahahaa
btw,padi tempat lunch I..working in cyber katekannn...