Friday, October 15, 2010


I nearly, very nearly had my day spoiled yesterday.

Initially, I thought nothing could go wrong. It was to be a fun day. I had the press conference with Adam Lambert, then his concert... good day, huh?

That's what I thought...

Was at the Stadium Putra by 5.15pm, way early because friends in the right places helped us get the meet and greet passes. I thought the stadium was to be empty. Oops.. silap sungguh ye, cause ramai sangat orang dah by that time.

And voila! Finally about 6pm, it was time to meet Adam.

I'll post up the picture of Adam and my friends (and also with me) soon.

Meanwhile, I noticed this as we were in the loading area. Korang ingat tak time Anugerah Juara Lagu arituh kecoh tersebar the pics from my blog pasal akak ponti kat atas bumbung kan?

Hah... sapa tak caya aku, yang Stadium Putra ni keras.. tengok ni. This was at the backstage area.

Tuh dia! Nak halau benda-benda halus katanya.

By the time I cleared the backstage area, the crowd was really getting crazy.

Spent some time amusing myself by tweeting endless mesages with the digiglambert hashtag just to watch it pop up on screens all around the venue. Coolness!

Also entertained myself with stuff like this....

Went into the stadium, got my seats in the press box. Masa tu it was like half full (or half empty, if you're a pessimist).

Then got word that the PAS demonstrators were outside. So sebab show lom start, my friends and I went out to see if there really was a commotion.

Yeap... ada... and they were handing out all these hate pamphlets. Wild, pornographic, extreme, gay, homosexual...

What the....

Are you serious? Get a life la. The concert has gotten the permission to proceed under strict conditions, why politicize the situation by using religion? I think this is where the leadership of PAS has to bitch slap these little people yang bising je lebih and end up bringing a negative view of extremism about Islam to the world.

Masa press conference, international wire services kept asking about this. And the first to jump on the demonstration - were the foreign press.

So good going, PAS. Again, you made the world think we're all in the dark ages.

The truth is, the yelping ones outside did more harm that good.

Aku bagi contoh.

This boy in his 20s, was repeating himself like orang nak beli suratkhabar lama.

"Adam Lambert is a gay! Don't let him kiss Malaysian men! Don't let him bring gay to Malaysia".


I mean, seriously????

Number one - the whole fucking world knows he's gay. So thank you for showing us you finally moved up somehow and learnt to use Google. Secondly, again, it's the perversion of thought that he would want to kiss Malaysian men. I mean... maybe Asians aren't his thing even. That's like saying a heterosexual men wants to sleep with every woman out there. Ko hengat being gay means every man is appealing? Those who were demonstrating - they were as appealing as wet, bunched up armpit hair with a rich splash of talcum to clot it all.

And bring gays to Malaysia? What is he? An import fag service?

Seriously... the PAS demonstrators are nothing but a joke - and coming up to the elections next year, these type of airheads are just stupid, judgemental, stereotyping haters.

To everyone out there, Islam IS a beautiful religion and I don't see how these people can claim to spread Islam with such venom they spew.

One classic case of what happened was a couple of tudung-ed girls were being stopped. They had spent berapa ratus Ringgit on good seats, and were being stopped and lectured.

And in the end, after the girls kept getting stopped, they just ran for their lives into the stadium.

Tu satu hal.. non-Muslims were harassed - by their presence, by their hate literature and by their general disrespect that we are living in a democratic society governed by laws.

Gi je la konsert Maher Zain. Ni pon aku tengok orang PAS dok luar tu dari Maghrib ke Isyak... I'm wondering if they neglected, in all their piety, their religious duties. Lom agik soal anak bini kat umah...

In the end.. this was what we saw...

They should have campaigned for an anti-littering stance instead. Their literature was all over - the floor.

And instead... the party kept growing to some 15,000 people inside.

It was wild - and it was fun. but no, there was no kissing. There was no horrible moral decay - not anymore than your average Jom Heboh. So there.

PS - More pics and all in the next entry.



Well said, Joe!

Luckily I arrived quite late, just before his concert, or else I'll be harassed being in tudung and all...