Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Got up bright and early. Mana taknya...tido dua jam je. Baru nak tido... ada benda ngacau. Takla ngacau tapi sapa tau pasal aku leh kesan bebenda camni tau la aku kat hotel ke apa jarang leh tido ngan nyenyak.

But it was a beautiful morning and tak rasa pon sangat keletihan.

Left the team building event a few hours earlier nak wat benda kat KL.

On the way nampak ni.

And this. Go Kelantan!!!! Aku harap meka menang!

Tujuan balik awal. Persiapan Halloween. This year, all out kat Euphoria - Ministry of Sound.

This is my friend, Ted. Kreatif gila costume dia. Six foot plus tall. Kinda creepy and eerie. Yes, the Grim Reaper takes a break gituh dok minom jap dan hisap rokok.

Me? I was a zombie. As always. Aku memang minat effects tuk zombie nih. Da empat kali aku wat, three Halloweens in a row aku jadi zombie. But this year, I went gorier, more bloody! I wanted more realism.

Ni my chest near shoulder area shot.

My favourite detail. My forearm. Ted says it looks like a vagina though.

And the final look.

Would you mom want me in her house?

Heh.. no I didn't win. People like to be scared but no one gives prizes to people bleeding all over their club apparently.

But Ted won for Scariest Costume, which I'm proud. At least I know someone creative and made an effort with their costume won. Cuma Creative Costume winner aku tak puas sebab aku rasa biasa sangat.

But janji I freaked out A LOT of girls. Some screamed and ran away, and some were grossed out. Happy Halloween all!



Thanks for dropping by Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA during Halloween. Hope you had a great night. For more info about the latest events & happenings at our club, check out our FB Page: