Thursday, September 09, 2010

Last call

This was taken in the early hours of the morning. Si As dok nak balik 'Ganu. Merasalah!

Nampaknya very 1 Malaysia ye our road transport system. Mana taknya. Sebelom nak celebrate Aidilfitri, korang yang balik kampung ni kena celebrate the festival of light - tail lights, brake lights dan sewaktu dengarnya.

Wrapping up just a little bit more work. Can finally breathe sebab da lega sikit. Finally sempat layan iPad ku sikit-sikit. Worth every bloody Sen, walaupon pasni I won't shop for a year.

Ok... make it six months at least. Well... depending on sale if not...

Pe pon.. pada semua yang akan menyambut lebaran, have fun with preparations and kalao korang heading back kampung, drive safe ok. Have fun, but be careful and take care of yourselves. And hope all of you have a blessed Aidilfitri.

Over and out.