Sunday, September 05, 2010


Semalam termakan gak racun. Lama da nak iPad ni... pas layan tengok iPad Atilia jadik mangsa expose gituh, semakin gatal... eh silap... timbul lak kembali gatal tuk memiliki iPad.

I'm not an Apple fanboy. And I'm not really a gadget freak. But when something's good, it's good.

So what if some say an iPad is just a big-ass iPhone? It's a tablet. Not some kiddie toy for retarded 15 year-olds who need a phone that comes with games.

But yang mana satu ni...

Seruan iPad kuat, tapi tak kurang gak seruan Blackberry Torch nih. Lama da nak.. masa awal-awal umum.

But I already have a Blackberry Bold 2 aka Onyx, so cam tak perlu for me to get another Blackberry. Nak upgrade lak... takkan la.. sebab opis bagik, gila. Heh! Suka ati je nak upgrade. Kena bantai kang...

But I guess I more or less want the iPad for several reasons apart from liking it (read - buying the hype of Apple's marketing campaign). Since I got my sis her iPod Touch for her birthday, it seemed a funky thing to have. Knowing me, bigger is better. If I can't have a media player, or games unit that's big ass, no point kan?

I sold off my Nintendo wii cause I didn't have time to game. Likewise, I see now sense nak beli Xbox je Playstation ke. Doesn't ring my bell. iPod? My chunky Nokia N958GB does just fine, thank you. So the iPad is really the only progression I can get.

Tapi.. erm...should I?

After all, the rumours are out that Blackberry is scheduled to release the BlackPad. I don't know if these are really leaked photos, or someone gatal nak Photoshop, but it does look like an iPad.

The BlackPad is supposed to have a 9.7 inch screen (same as the iPad) BUT comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and able to sync with a BlackBerry smartphone.

It's supposed to whip the iPad's ass with TWO cameras (front and back - for video call), but since it has no 3G connection, it will function just as well with the Blackberry services. And all for an estimated USD$499 (which is the same price as an iPad 16GB wifi version). No mention of whether it'll be 16, 32 or 64GB though.

So mana satu? Hmmm... malam ni terjawab sebentar lagi....