Sunday, August 08, 2010

Feel it right

Had my nephew's birthday party earlier today. Whoopie...what fun.

Sorry if I hardly sound ecstatic. Aku ni jenis not into family gatherings of any sort. Memang aku manja dan rapat ngan keluarga, but it's more of my immediate family than anything else.

But ni anak cousin aku yang ok ngan boleh la.

Pas abih, rushed to delicious at marc residences.

It was for a tea party. Matilah feeling nak tea party bagai.

Sponsored by Sabah Tea and organised by the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM), it's a tea party with a difference.

It's to raise awareness for cancer, specifically breast cancer in this case. Being the digital ambassador for POCC or the Power Over Cervical Cancer, this was for me something linked to my role.

The project aims to encourage fellow Malaysian's to host a fun tea party for friends, family or workmates at their chosen venue and at the same time do their bit for charity by making a small donation to raise funds that will be channeled to BCWA and NCSM in an effort to support them to continue to offer their services to the public.

Since BCWA is there, sure have some "teaching material" to teach us how to discover different breast conditions, and learn to check for lumps. There are "breast with no lumps", "breast with fibrocystic tissue" (harder than the normal one) and "breast with lumps" (you can feel there is a hard stuff inside the breast).

The tea party launch was for the media and bloggers, where sukarelawan, who were also breat cancer survivors, gave us a little insight into prevention by detection and so on.

While some of you may laugh, women, please do know the difference on how to detect lumps. And no, guys, learning about it doesn't mean you can volunteer to check it for the women.

Thanks so much to everyone, including delicious for the great spread. Please... do take time to surf these sites and learn a little bit that can help save you, or someone who is dear to you.

Click The Breast Cancer Welfare Association, The National Cancer Society of Malaysia and Power Over Cervical Cancer to find out more. And guys... don't laugh it off, cause you should be worrying about how it affects you too. And yes, men get breast cancer too. And don't let me even mention testicular cancer.

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