Tuesday, August 03, 2010

And here it is...

Ok... time to unload my guilt. This is what I picked up yesterday from Gucci Pavilion.

So it wasn't much. Though it cost me. Beli sunglasses satu which I felt in love with on first sight. Oversized (on me it's regular sized) with signature webbing sides as part of the red tangkai. Me likey it a lot.

And also the olive and red webbing belt with leather border tuh. Tapi ada brown nya je size aku. Wanted black but tu size kicik gila muat semut punya pinggang. Being healthier, and erm.. of a more full figure, aku kena amik black. Buckle pon bukan silver but dark tint. Tu pun the last da. Nangis. Any doubts I had on whether I should get it immediately went away. Baik sambar dari terlepas. Yang penting - ori ye.. bukan Bandung. Matilah kau!

Am so in love with my sunnies and belt. Me likey a long time.

Anyway, hari ni settle keja pastu gi Pavilion. Not for Gucci (walaopon jalan lalu, terpanggil nak singgah sebenarnya sampai staff dia perasan aku lalu pandang senyum... cobaan!)

Gi nak teman member shopping. Makeover katanya. Before that sempat jumpa Sarimah. Owh by the way, no Sarimah is not doing The Biggest Loser Asia 2. Their loss. Yeap it's confirmed. Oh well... the show was a yawn anyway.

Anyway Sarimah skang The Body Shop nya ambassador apart from exclusive talent Astro.

So tadik jumpa Sarimah, dia pass my birthday present. Belated, but definitely sweet! Which is?

Tuh dia! RM450 worth of cash vouchers to pick up The Body Shop stuff. Me likey! So went berserk (bagik RM100 to kawan nak pick apa dia nak as part of makeover process gituh)

Tuh dia! Rejimen penjagaan kulit aku up another notch. Yes, I am very particular. Bukan semua product aku sambar. Specific items. Personally I love Biotherm and The Body Shop. Apart from some organic stuff I picked up kat Bangkok. Gila best facial scrub dia wei walaopon moka aku kuning jap ala ala makcik India sebelah umah aku. Good stuff.

As usual nak rush mana-mana, jam nak mampos. Honestly I think I spend half my life in KL traffic.

Next stop - Mines. I hate this place. If they need a place to substitute 'Jinjang' to show how hanjeng a place is, Mines would be it. It's got the infrastructure, tapi sedih siot kedai-kedai kat sana.

Orang lawat sana lagik hauk. But the waterways running through the mall tetap aku suka.

Since it's Tuesday.. layan Coney Dog.

A&W honestly is the only fast food outlet aku gi yang ada lalat. Semua outlet pon camtuh. Tak paham aku.

But The Mines punya at least serve warm food and cold root beer. Not the other around cam some other crappy outlets.

Ah.. speaking of the root beer. To die for! Ni on my second mug.

Retail therapy - done! No more shopping pasni (except kalao Gucci ada sale.. yeah right.. Christmas je kot paling awal and I think I won't hold on that long).

PS - Rindu la kat seseorang kat Subang. Sejuk-sejuk ni.. erm...