Tuesday, July 06, 2010

World Cup 2010 badges

Some of you might already have this, but mungkin ada yang belum. I promised a part by part bit on helping you guys unlock badges on Foursquare (again, if you don't know look it up by going to FOURSQUARE - click it and read).

So here's one that is REALLY easy to get. It's called the World Cup 2010 badge (there are four in total, but this is easiest to get and I'll get to the others in a while).

All you have to do to get this badge, is send a shout out (no need to check-in) either Gooooooooooooooooaalllll or Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (doesn't matter how many o's or a's or z's) and immediately you will get the badge. Simple isn't it?

And the Zzzzzzzzzzz is supposed to be like that FUCKING-IRRITATING-OUGHT-TO-BE-BANNED sound of the vuvuzelas.

Don't you just love 'em... *mumbles more potty language*

Now here's one more.

This is the Bing Home Turf badge. It's easy to get too. First, of course you must be logged into your Foursquare. Du-uh! Then CLICK HERE where you MUST follow Bing's profile.

After you've done that, when a team is playing shout “Go” followed by the country name on two separate days and you get your badge! Easy isn't it? Now that we're in the semifinals, you have three more matches beginning later tonight and tomorrow before the final to get the badge.

Not too hard too is it?

Please not that you MUST be following the Bing profile on Foursquare you shout out. Also, it must be during a match, it must be done over two days (now meaning different matches) and it MUST be case sensitive. So if you'r watching the game later tonight for example. you would have to shout, 'Go Uruguay' or 'Go Netherlands'. Get it?

Simple... that's two badges you've gotten just based on shout-out. Shout-out based badges are easiest to get. During the NBA finals, the Lakers and Celtics badges were the obtainable the same way by shouting 'Go Lakers' or 'Go Celtics'. Sadly those who missed it - they're already inactive.

Now there are two more badges related to the World Cup. I'm telling now since the World Cup is going to end and there is an urgency to get those badges NOW before they become Inactive.

Like the Bing badge, first thing you have to do, is follow the CNN (click it, people!) profile on Foursquare.

After you've done that, you're ready to get the two badges. Now these are NOT easy as they're location specific. I'll explain that below. The first is the Super Fan badge.

To get this badge you need to check in three times at pubs listed on the CNN profile page that you just followed. Now... since there are none in Kuala Lumpur, don't ask me how you're going to get it. Either scoot off to a country that has a pub in the listings - OR (and some might frown on this) do a remote check-in. I will not teach on remote check-ins or scripts. That - is up to you and your moral standing on whether it's wrong or not as some would call that cheating (though in all fairness, Foursquare doesn't seem to have a problem with that since it allows their clients branding to be more widespread, which is of course loved by the clients).

And how bad can it be, right? Comparing with how some people check-in at the stupidest places just to get a Mayorship like their house, bedroom or toilets. But I'll leave that debate for later.

The next badge in the World Cup series is...the South Africa Explorer badge.

Like the Super Fan badge, this is location specific. This badge is for three check-ins at the World Cup... in South Africa! Again, either you get on a plane and fly there to do it, or play 'Jumper' - which is a term most of us use for those who check-in when they're not exactly in that location.

So that's the World Cup badge series. Good luck to you guys. For those of you stuck in locations not listed, such as anywhere in Malaysia, at least you got two of the four badges now.

Me? I got four. Heh!

Sorry this entry bosan sikit, espeially for those not interested in Foursquare. Finishing a lot of work for the past few hours (try eight!) and trying to get some sleep as tomorrow, I'm meeting Usher. Yeay! Not too big a fan of his, but kinda like his music (again.. just not a super fanatical fan).

More on Foursquare soon... and more on Usher too in next entry.

PS - Check out the other tutorial on how to unlock more badges. This is the second part of many. The first was the Groupie badge. Just check older entries from I think two days ago.

PPS - If you got the badge from my tips, just leave a thank you in the Comments section. Or any queries if you have any.



hahaha how i wish i can b a jumper, and get that Gossip Girls badge!