Friday, July 16, 2010


After five of six days in Bangkok with diarrhea (again, my stomach couldn't take the spiciness of Thai food though it all tasted so good!), time to settle in for home cooked food.

Siang tadi singgah jap gi melantak nasi ayam. Teringin sangat!

Mattilah jangan ingat aku makan sorang ok! Nanti harus ada kata memang I eat for two. Gitu...

Yeah, anyway was with my business partner. Yup... bayaran da masuk, so amik cash sikit nak settle payments by cash. Seronok time camni. Orang biasa takut nak bawak duit banyak, I love holding a lot of money - for a while at least.

Gives me the motivation to make more!

Gotta check up with my Mac repairs tomorrow. Going to be extremely busy the next few days.

And yes, when the clock strikes 12, I will be 34.