Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's in the air...

When you don't look for it, the real deal creeps up.

A few days ago met someone. That someone is still there.

I liked... but I ignored. Not interested. Biarlah...

Tapi dia lak mencuba sedaya upaya. Bersungguh. Takpe.. kalau nak cuba dan cuba lagi. Walaupun aku suka dan aku harapkan ko terus mencuba.

I know what I'm worth. And some people can settle for lesser because that's what they deserve and all they can afford. I work for the best, and I deserve the best.

No regrets. Regrets mean you never learn from your mistakes.

Just learning not to settle for cheap deals that don't pull through who try to pass off for something better than they really are.

All that aside... it was the best night I had... in years.