Sunday, July 25, 2010

I still remember...

Today marked the first anniversary of the passing of Yasmin Ahmad. The past few days, I've been reminded so much of her... somehow, someway.

Sedih sikit hari ni sebab by the time aku free belah petang, gegas gi tanah perkuburan nak ziarah.

Gate lak da kunci. Matilah... ada ke yang nak rompak tanah perkuburan. Ngan As masa tuh nak masuk, the gates were locked and the caretaker hado padahal masa tuh just past 6pm. A little sad... and disappointed sebab esok da nak gi Penang memang tak sempat.

Takpe.. kak Min... you're always in my heart and no matter where you final resting place is, where you are, is in our hearts, and we carry memories and love for you everywhere.

Singgah beli rokok kat stesen minyak beli rokok.. stress dan upset sikit.

Saw this.. thought it was disturbingly cute, and plus I love cupcakes... they always cheer me up, so beli.

Merasalah, Upin & Ipin katanya. Owner tanak saman for copyright infringement ke?

Tapi kan aku makan cupcake ni... boleh lah. But never gonna buy again, sebab memang nothing to shout about. The worst thing was the cartoon image tuh was like a cheap ass print bit on some film-plastic or whatever.

Aiyo... there must be some sort of hygiene code violated there. Matilah kalao bebudak main telan je.

Had no plans, so decided ngan As, jom tengok wayang je. Lagi pun ujan so no real plans.

Sebelom singgah makan, decided jalan-jalan. Which was such a bad decision! Mana taknya, time musim sale ni, walking into a mall is like walking into a minefield! Everywhere ada danger... of shopping. Tahan punya tahan, I finally caved in when I saw these sunglasses.

Tuh dia. Marc by Marc Jacobs nya. On sale baru RM370! Sambar! Pastu.. nyesal...

Ok maybe tak nyesal.. just well... erm.. ok ok.. tak nyesal. Tapi matilah aku kena carot kata takkan shop lagi. Daya tahan shopping memang tak kuat nak wat camna. Hish!

Anyway pastu gi layan Despicable Me in 3D. Not awesome like Up, but amusing.
For me, and obviously everyone, the real stars wer the minions. Those yellow weird pill characters that reminded me of Happy Tree Friends meets South Park. Cute!! I anticipate soft toys of those selling in Petaling Street very soon.

Overall, the movie was good, and all the characters like Gru, Margo, Edith and Agnes had some depth to it, as did Vector. Worth a watch, worth the ticket.

Tapi... make sure you watch during the day sebab kalao tak, tengok belah malam cam aku, ada la mak bapak heret anak-anak meka, kecoh nak mampus! And not in a good way, jap je nangis nak gi bilik air, nak minum, nak makan.. nak kena pelangkung...nak kena talipon Teledera... matilah!

So happy cause pas begitu lama tak layan movie, tiga wayang aku da take in the past few days. Planning another trip soon.

Ok... time to call it a night... nak packing for Penang.



a year has passed. sebak sangat masa pergi charity screening talentime hari tu. so touched to see the people she loved and who love her. extremely touched to see syafie naswip and kahoe together. joe, how come you were not there. masa tahlil pun x ada org yg dtg

wanted to but i remember i couldn't make it but tak ingat sebab apa.

tahlil lak i didn't know. :-(