Friday, July 30, 2010

I ♥ KL

Yes, the title is so promising kan? Yes I love KL to bits. Sangat-sangat. So much until it hurts!

And if you were on the road anywhere in KL semalam, you would know just how much I love KL. Gila. Walaopon kuar awal jam tak hengat.

And the best thing? Our ITIS, oe Integrated Transport Information System handles traffic information so well... not to mention the lovely, dedicated traffic police kan...

Matilah ko. Testing katanya. At rush hour?

Anyway, had a very good meeting where a new project will be coming in for the company. This one is going to be interesting. Takleh cakap apa-apa lagi, bukan fits in well with the rest of my plans.

Pas abih, gi Pavilion sebab dekat, kerana member-member nak shopping LV.

Me? Me a Gucci whore so tak heran sangat walaopon I did spot two very nice pairs of shoes. Pastu singgah Gucci. Obsessing over this non-sale (damn!) classic Gucci belt and a damn wonderful pair of Gucci aviators. Ni da add to my wish list apart from a GORGEOUS pair of Gucci sneakers I already want.

Sabar... sabar... sale everywhere, so stepping into Pavilion was like in a minefield. Nangis!

Got a nice shirt from Forever 21. Ladies check it out - sale memang baguih gila sana. As for guys, the men's department at Forever 21 (the only one) kat Pavilion has no new stock of late. Word is they MIGHT be closing down their men's department. Meanwhile sale tak hengat. I know jackets yang above RM150 semua going for RM75. And t shirts are as cheap as RM15! I got my retro piece for RM65 from RM89.

Enough of the shopping... gi toilet jap, saw this...

How cute!

Well it was cute... until I saw this.

Those weren't cigarette butt burns. It was - in plain, simple English... SHIT! Euwww... hope the parents of the kid (assuming here), washed their child up. They obviously didn't wash the seat. Gross!!!!

Lepak kat Bangsar ngan Anne and Fiza before we were joined by As kat Downtown Cheras. Makes me miss Bangkok... barangan sini tak banyak sebab majority repeat performance walaopon banyak gerai. And some were too tacky to even imagine let alone see.

One gerai that caught my eye.

Matilah hijau segala... rupanya barangan Ben 10 semua. Kids today... back then we had good cartoons and better merchandise. Anyone 30 and over will remember.

Eh da la.. need sleep!