Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy B-Day Jess!!!

I wanna wish a happy birthday - to one of the most hardworking blogger I know.

Jess, happy 21st! You a woman now!

I got to the party at Twenty One at Bangsar Shopping Centre at 11.30. An hour after the stated invite time. Fashionably late, of course.

I thought the party would just be warming up... but Jess was already WASTED!!! (don't deny it woman - there were A LOT of witnesses!)

Still, she maintained her composure enough (barely) to camwhore. Heh... this girl hams it up for the camera everytime - even drunk!

This picture below was funny! Jess wanted to camwhore with a few of us. Everyone was afraid of her throwing up.

So it was like Russian Roulette as she went from one table to another. And when she wanted to take a group shot of a few of us below, Mikey, Jess (the other Jess) and I, kita semua da horror.

And just when the camera snapped a second time, Jess, bent over in what we thought was a throw-up moment. Matilah! I jumped aside and Jess (the other Jess - have to call you something else) ran screaming. Kind of...

Mikey was left with Jess between his crotch. Ok... that didn't sound right, but if you get your mind out of the gutter for a second, you'll get what I mean.

She didn't throw up after all. Seb baik. Anyway, happy birthday again Jess, and remember my advice to you girl. It's been 13 years since I celebrated my 21st, but I still have distinct memories of it close to sucking eggs big time. Heh... but you're in a better place than I was - so be strong and toughen yourself up, and work it!

After that, gerak to Kampung Baru with another group of friends gi melantak.

Matilah kul 2 pagik nak melahap camni. Sungguh tamak haloba ye ketiga-tiga orang yang terlibat.

But the food was fucking A!!! Memang Suraya ni sedap gila. Tapi aku lebih suka kedai Kak Som (kalao tak silap nama). Too bad it was closed.

Lepak with friends kat Pelita and had continued borak-borak session. Feel much better... almost over this flu.



hehe thankew sweetheart for being the amazing person u are! you came totally after the Graveyard n Flaming Lambo that the boys bought for me! phew... goned! hahaha

yes of cos i rmb your advises, will keep it to heart! <3 and HAHHAHA goodlord, the way u described the situation last nite, i was like OMGG!!! shit, no really?? LOL!

love ur bday present hun! all the more reason to get me more musically inclined hehe. <3