Thursday, July 22, 2010


Let me start this entry by sharing a little something.

Since they say a picture paints a thousand words... here's one to go a long way.

After the shitty service and totally tak berbaloi monthly amount I have to pay for the shitty service, I decided to finally terminate the Maxis broadband I've had for about two years plus or so.

It took one hour, one fucking hour to be called.

You know why it took an hour at Maxis service centre at Pavilion? Even though their six or seven staff were more than the four customers in front of me?

Because they insisted on having different numbers for different services. And the motherfuckers there, let me wait an hour cam haram jadah pukimak! Because they never bothered to call my number!

And they were just dilly-dallying dengan malas nya. Serious! Zero efficiency outlet nih. Maxis should be ashamed of the level of quality (sub standard is still a level).

After about an hour, I snapped and remarked to one of the staff saying that I'd been waiting for an hour.

He told one of the counter staff, who called for the number for the broadband service after another five minutes.

It took a whole two minutes to realize the number he called, which was before mine, had no owner. Presumably because that customer was so disgusted he decided to walk out. Only then did the counter staff call me.

Credit where it's due, that counter staff, settled my account termination within minutes. Too bad by then, it made me even more mad simply because I waited an hour for something that took less than five minutes because of the staff's stupidity? Really?

You know what they say about paying peanuts and getting monkeys? I'm assuming Maxis isn't even paying Ngan Yin Cap Ibu Jari rates by the way their staff work rivally even the lesser of the simians!

Tengok ni... ramai sangat kan customer. Sampai kena tunggu sejam...

Singgah Gucci jap nak lepak lepas tension. Fell in love with a belt and a pair of shoes... nak je beli terus. Tapi took a deep breath and walked out. I promised myself kena tunggu dua tiga bulan agik pas aku beli my laptop bag.

So walk away... sebab kengkawan semua sibuk, I got to do something I haven't done in a long while. Solo movie night!

Went to Gardens. Sebelom tu singgah Chinoz my sis and colleagues melepak makan. Minum sat ngan meka. Sambil-sambil tu nak online.

Matilah ko! This has to be THE longest password I've ever come across. Crazy!

Pas abih lepak ngan meka naik gi layan Sorceror's Apprentice.

Erm... I thought the movie was a good popcorn flick. Worth the money, but somehow it's too Disney. Well, it IS a Disney production so expect them to serve ham and cheese.

Memang ending dia expected and it's a movie that doesn't need too many brain cells to enjoy.

So worth it... just don't expect too much than a normal Disney feelgood flick.