Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cap it

I love concerts. I usually go anyway. So anyway made my way for the Usher concert earlier. Bumped into Nabila. Lawa dia pas salin nih.

As usual, with Galaxy, the promoters, f-ups here and there before we can finally make it in the stadium, missing all the opening acts of Aliff, Iz and Mizz Nina.

I have to say the layout was better than the Kelly Clarkson gig, so good for Galaxy on that.

Didn't enjoy the concert as much as I hoped. I think by the end, all it made me realize was how overhyped the whole Usher gig was.

First of all. The set-up. It was like a showcase more than an actual concert. The sheer size of it was unimpressive. He had like a four piece musician set-up, with obvious reliance to pre-programmed backing - including vocal tracks since there were no obvious backing singers.

Oh yes, he had six dancers, but their choreography was crap.

And Usher himself lacked stamina. In fact for the first few songs, he tried to so desperately to dance for maximum impact, but he couldn't pull it off with panache and worse still, it affected his singing. Or at least it would have if he had actually sung instead of just lifting bits off here and there.

And the most biggest turn-off (walaopon ramai puki yang merembes). He kept touching himself so much, it became contrived and desperately trying to appear sexy. And the endless wiping and throwing towels (the one where he wiped his armpits and some stupid bitches were screaming and begging for the towel was fucked) was just stupid. And worse still, when he had a good thing going, he spoilt it by trying so hard to be sexy that it spoilt the moment.

Best performance would have been There Goes My Baby... but again one of the above was to blame for spoiling the moment.

So all in all, Usher never was top of my list (already I think he's overrated, and that was before he destroyed Michael Jackson's Gone Too Soon during the memorial service for the King of Pop) - and now he's somewhere in the sub-continent of stars who can actually perform live.

But look!
Yup... for those at the concert, that's the cap Usher wore during the first couple of songs at the opening.

What am I doing with it? Smelled kinda funky (not a good kind of funky), but a female friend was one of those crazy hormonal females managed to catch it (it was the first thing of many including stinky towels and empty mineral water bottles).

Too bad someone forgot to remove the price tag.

Bet you that that's Usher's way of saying, "that's making your ticket worth it" cause the show itself memang rugi dan buang masa je and simply forgettable.

The only positive thing I can say is - I now love There Goes My Baby. At least when I play the CD I don't have to see him performing it like some crazed, juiced up go-go boy gone wrong.