Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bangkok - Day 6

Beratnya nak bangun hari ni. And no, it wasn't a hangover or anything like that. Just can't believe that this is Day Six of being in Bangkok. We slept a little later than usual, so got to really soak in the Grand Centara room. Best gila bilik ni... rasa cam tanak balik nak dok agik je.. walaopon da tiga malam sini.

But had to check out about noon... and with bags and stuff..

Went for our final stop at Anantasamakhom Throne Hall, The Art of the Kingdom said to be the most beautiful throne hall in Thailand. Merasalah berapa banyak istana.

Ala Sistine Chapel, the interior of the dome is painted with the history of Chakri Dynasty from the first to the sixth reign. Italian renaissance and neo classic style of architecture with Italian.

Sayang takleh amik pic kat dalam... korang layan je pic dari luar nih.

After we were done, we headed to the airport. Had late lunch at Suvarnabhumi.

Cup! Ada iklan ni best gila. Aku suka sangat! It's the CIMB ad. It says 'Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia all hail one leader' along with the picture of a durian. I like! Not the most creative, but heartwarming to see the copywriters managed to find one similarity between the four countries. After all, anyone NOT from any of the four, just think it's a stinky fruit (shock, horror!)

So... that's a condensed not so detailed documentation of my trip this time to Bangkok.

Time to head home...

And yes... once in KLIA, we all just knew were home. Kimak sial punya staff kat KLIA takde orang jaga conveyor belt. Bag semua sampai sangkut dan sangkut!

Took them quite a few minutes before a staff came, dengan moka toya main campak campak bag semua. Sedap-sedap je... panas hati je sorang-sorang tengok. KLIA staff ni kan... especially those that handle baggage and stuff, really need to learn they're part of a system.

Wat moka cam gampang, main hempas sana campak sini... da la pemalas. Huh! Buat malu je orang Malaysia.

But I guess I'm home, alright...