Monday, July 12, 2010

Bangkok - Day 4

Groggy, half asleep... just three hours sleep and am up for the day.

Destinasi hari ni nak ke Vimanmek Mansion, the world's largest golden teakwood mansion gituh.

Istana kayu gituh yang besar gedabak. Built by King Rama V or more known as King Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramintharamaha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua or just Chulalongkorn for short.

Those pics had nothing to do with anything just some I snapped on the way and the surroundings je. Heh... yang pentingnya, ni dia stars for the upcoming saga in the Fast and Furious series - meets Speed.

Teringat America's Next Top Model masa meka ke Thailand, the models rode in a van pimped out like this. A little too bright for my taste, but funky nonetheless.

And here's the real mansion we came to see. Takleh amik pic kat dalam cam museum diRaja gituh. So just enjoy the pics from outside. This place is a must visit for an insight into the lives of the royal family of Thailand because banyak sangat bahan tinggalan sejarah which depicts how lavish they were.

Pas abih, we had free time. Our first in the last few days. So destinasi? Shopping!!!! Prathunam and Baiyoke, here I come!!!

Sedih sikit sebab Baiyoke side, kat dalam the center area da demolish, apparently for the construction of new lots. Kalao tak banyak agik kedai-kedai dia.

Tapi takpe la.. yang ada pon da abih aku berbelanja shopping bagai.

Seriously Prathunam (or Pratunum as in the sign) memang best. Ko nak apa pon ada, dan murah.

Pandai pandai la tawar menawar. You can always get it for at least one third of the original price, especially if you buy at least three of something.

Next stop... Platinum Mall. An extension of the Prathunam area which has anything and everything, at slightly higher prices but with air conditioning.

Amik ko - the name of this shop conjures up images of something else (18SX so sapa tak paham nasibla)

I loved this guitar, which is actually a CD player. Ni kalao bargain leh dapat dalam RM500 lebih ni... tapi malas sebab bayangkan nak angkut balik satu hal lak. Next trip mungkin kalao ada agik... it's cute!

After about three hours, with some painful feet, balik hotel, soaked my feet in the tub with nice soothing scented hot water for relief and bersiap nak gi dinner lak hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Patutnya guest of honour Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva tapi dia tak dapek mai, so digantikan menteri pelancongan meka. Bosan siot camtuh... aku nak jumpa perdana menteri meka jek.

Eh jap.. iklan. I love these hand-painted umbrellas. Dapat satu from one of the girls who could speak English. Once she found out I was from Malaysia, dia borak pasal how she was down in Pavilion in February for some cultural shows and stuff. She was so nice, and she gave me one of the huge-ass umbrellas. Merasalah anak buah aku suka pasnih... walhal aku kena dok usung balik kang.

Left the dinner midway because there was nothing much going on, and headed back to the hotel room to rest.

On the way out later tonight for drinks in Silom... need some chill time.