Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bangkok - Day 2

Checked out of the hotel early today. I skipped breakfast because, yes, just a day into my trip to Thailand, perut aku da meragam. I love Thai food, but my tummy finds it hard to take the spiciness of it all.

Tajuk albumnya nya cirit manjang. Hah! Amik ko... sapa tengah makan sambil baca nih terus grossed out kan?

Anyway... status report. My Mac is acting funny as I feared. Couple of buttons not working, so somethings's not right.

But oh well...

We drove for hours out of Bangkok to the Flora Center at Kiong 15, in the Ongkhrak district. It's one of the locations on the Unseen Thailand campaign. So we stop over at OTOP Product which sells crafts made from mango wood.

Amik ko.. kayu pokok mangga pon leh wat industri. Banyak gila product meka wat.

Yes, that's mango wood. This was at their factory cum showroom. Check out the products they make. Check out the number of things made from mango wood. Next time you buy something, check what it's made of. Chances are, if it's mango wood, it's probably made in Thailand cause the industry for that is huge here.

Here are lots of pics from the showroom.

And here's a look at the process of making these products. Note that NOTHING goes to waste. Shavings are used for firing up the ovens, and bits and pieces are absorbed into other pieces, like small pieces of mango wood, hot glued to a flat surface to be sold as a table top. Creative as hell...

So that's the whole process from actually whittling it down to design to packing. The pics you see are those of custom ordered products for export.

Amazing... and remember what I told you about not wasting pieces. Here's to workers hot glueing extra bits to make a table top.

Safety is also important... but if I was working here I'd be fucked to try and understand what it says.

And here's more products. Crazy range they have. You name it, they can make it out of mango wood.

Vases, pots, tables, chairs, lamps, frames, shelves, tissue holders, wine bottle holders, incense holders, accessories, potpurri shavings, dividers and various interior decor items. Damn! That's a lot of stuff. And that's not even the full catalog.

After two days without internet connection (didn't wanna do data roaming cause it costs too much especially when you Blackberry messenger is on, and hotel rate for Internet is crazy at Renaissance), got online a while to Tweet because of the free wifi at OTOP.

After that.. it was lunch!

Tried to take more photos, but was so hungry didn't bother. Heh... food? Excellent! Forget our version of tom yam. Nothing beats the original.

Just realised that tomyam, in central Bangkok, as opposed to that of the southern region of the country nearer to Malaysia is difference in terms of spiciness, sweetness with a tinge of sour.


Yup... after almost EVERY meal, I have to deposit. Thank God the loo has a bidet. Aku kena cebok wei, nenek aku ajar. Grandma, God bless her soul taught me that dari kecik, so kalao tak cebok, I feel gross like there's bits stuck to me or something.

Tapi walaopon ada paip air, jamban ni pelik gila. It's not like embedded in the floor which made it like a balancing act to be on the toilet.

Member aku dok cubicle sebelah sebab dia pon kes cirit cam aku. Both of us were endlessly yelling to each other laughing nak tengok sapa fall off first.

Pas abih, we headed to Chulachoomklao Royal Military Academy. Some of the country's top leaders had their military education here, so kita pon sibuk la singgah. Yes, the place is open for tourists but like I said, it's hours from Bangkok, so good luck kalao nak gi sorang. Request the experience from your tour agent.

First thing we did. Well not me... cause I wasn't interested... was the flying fox. Yup... not interested... not because of fear of heights (that's one phobia I don't really have) just looked boring. Boleh?

My friends jumped on to it. 1Malaysia tak pic ni ngan Edmond dan Azli? Meka seronok la main benda tuh ngan bebudak askar. Me not bothered...

Until we did this.

Yeah! That's my target. Not too bad eh? We had gun training! I'm not too bad with a 45 calibre. I like! I've always loved guns, and honestly this is the first time I had a go at it. I only had one shot out of target, so it wasn't too bad.

At least now I realise generally Hollywood is crap! You don't PULL the trigger. You gently squeeze it, because the impact of a shot is so powerful, that if you pull, it throws your shot up.

The sergeant or whoever it was mentoring me was impressed that it was my first time cause I was able to load the gun and whack 'em out fast enough. I am so registering for gun lessons when I get back. Too bad our laws on guns is so strict cause I always dreamed of having a 9mm and a 45 calibre in my collection. Matilah!

And no, the target below is not mine. It's a framed target (not sure whose cause it was in Thai). Awesome! Rip 'em up!

We weren't done. It was already about 3pm and we were running late (everyone enjoyed the gun lessons - though I have to admit I ran and pushed everyone out of the way to be first for it). Next location we went to was the Danprakanchol dam.

Gorgeous surroundings and it's interesting that this would be a tourist destination. But the breathtaking beauty is worth it.

After we were done, it was almost time to check-in where we were staying - 200km from Bangkok.

But to make it an adventure to get to our residence in the middle of nowhere, our bus was only going to take our luggage.

We were going on all terrain vehicles. Yeay!

It was scary for two minutes, then I went crazy and revved up and jumped over bumps and rocked it in those small rivers. I am so not an outdoorsy kind of person, but this experience has me discovering a more adventurous side to me.

On the way, we stopped by this deer farm. Cute eh? Just don't want to imagine why they rearing hundreds of deers for. Poor Bambi!

After about half hour or so, finally reached Royal Hill where we were to stay.

Check out the number of ATVs we had. The whole entourage rode in on ATVs and trust me, we caused quite a lot of noise going in as we passed villages and all.

And a word of advice, if you're going to do this, warn your travel agent you're wearing Guccis, or bring extra shoes in your overnight bag or it'll end up painfully heartbreaking like this. Took me half hour to clean it up (cries over my Guccis)

Royal Hill is a dated golf course resort place so decor was disappointing as was the bathroom. Though I have to admit I love the details. their teak furniture was beautiful.

Went out for dinner in a couple of hours after that. Was heartbroken as my Mac totally died and couldn't even power on. Sad moment... how can I live without the Internet???!!!

Lucky I had a bottle of champagne (a gift from the lovely folks at Renaissance) to accompany me. And this...

Tuh dia... 7-11 bukan je jual alcohol but funky choices like Smirnoff with ginger ale and lime. I like! But my fave drink here is now Lactasoy.. sedap gila! And the box is squarishly cute.

Not the best end to the day as since we were in the middle of nowehere, roaming didn't make sense, not having a laptop meant I can't even use the billed Internet. Stuck without Internet and not being able to go out and everyone tired out after the long day, had to watch the Uruguay and Germany semifinal on my own, in my room on a crappy 14 inch TV with a couple of emotionless Thai commentators.

Oh well... hope tomorrow is more relaxing...with a better hotel.

PS - Slept only an hour and a half. The room has some freakish presence. You guys know my gift/curse... damn...