Friday, July 09, 2010

Bangkok - Day 1

On the invite of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), I'm off to Bangkok for almost a week!

Memang gila best! Rindu abih ngan Bangkok cause it is one of my favourite holiday destinations. And no, it's not because of anything related to the sex industry or anything like that.

In fact, of the dozens of times I've gone to Bangkok, aku penah jejak go-go bar skali jek. And I didn't like it.

I love Bangkok for the food (tapi awas kesannya), the shopping (you have to know where) and the sights and culture.

So this is me taking a final snap walking into the plane? Why? Cause I needed some pics in my entry. Heh!!!

Had a great flight and landed at Suvarnabhumi safe.

I was a little flustered because masa kat KLIA, I was online while waiting for my flight, a piece of chicken (makan nasi ayam yang tak berbaloi), flew off my plate and splattered some gravy on my Mac. No immediate damage except for a funky smelling laptop... tapi risau...

At Suvarnabhumi, I lost my entourage!

I thought they were ahead of me (I walk fast), so after I cleared Immigration and collected my baggage, I waited half an hour.

About to pick up a cab to go to the airport (cause I couldn't get my host on his phone), when he called me.

Regrouped with them. Apparently they were WAY behind me. Heh... what can I say. I travel and move fast.

And so we jumped into a bus for us, an entourage of about 30 or so comprising of some other guests of TAT mostly tour agents sebab nak promo Thailand pas keadaan baru-baru ni yang baju merah bagai.

Everything's pretty much back to normal now...

Hah... tengok tuh... tol meka sama ngan kita nya. Tutup je keja... heh! Merasalah squeeze satu dua lane je la jawabnya.

We checking into Renaissance, a funky new hotel. They opened in January, but with what happened recently in Bangkok, they haven't really gone into full swing until now.

Locked into the main area of Bangkok, memang happening gila lokasi. The hotel itself lawa gila.

But the most important thing was my room. I love it! It's gorgeous!!!

But what I am really particular about hotel rooms - are the bathrooms And Renaissance has one of the MOST gorgeous!!! I love it. In fact I have to admit, I took extra long showers later in the night and soaked in the tub for hours while watching TV.

The glass walls can be blocked by these blinds which can be lowered on both walls.

The tub is a gorgeous one and cute too, while the shower cubicle can fit three people (nasty ideas coming into mind).

With the overhead rain shower and a ledge to sit on and soak it in, it's awesome! Seriously, I want a bathroom like this.

And the view? Central Bangkok area...

After an hour or so of rest after checking-in, we hopped on the bus and headed to Siam Niramit.

By the time we got there it was dark. So we had dinner there, before the show.

I can't tell you much about the show, but it is simply spectacular. I could waste time and space giving you facts, but Google it and find out more. If you are in Bangkok, you MUST catch the traditional show there once.

It's not typical but a showcase ala musical, with a grand theatrical presentation which is stunning. The best is having half the stage in water. What do I mean? Plan your trip to Bangkok and throw in Siam Niramit and you'll see what I mean. Trust me... tak rugi! Wish we had something here in KL like this.

Headed back tired after a long day of travelling and so. So malam ni stay in and soak je dalam tub and mandi je while watching a couple of movies on cable.

Just wanted to share one last pic. Reminds me of home.

Funnily enough, even the Brands name is in Thai, so familiarity sebab colour dan botol dia jek. heh... ok guys. Be updating more. Good night...