Monday, July 19, 2010


The good news for a Monday. I bought a remote for my Mac. So much more easier. Leh memalaskan diri agik dari jauh control Mac aku nak layan movie ke music bagai. Laziness... is the mother of so many inventions. Heh...

The bad news? The repaired the motherboard of my Mac. No that's not the bad news.

The bad news is I came to pick up my Mac. Tested it. Half the keyboard not working. So replaced it. kena RM200. The repaired motherboard cost me RM400. But that's still not the bad news.

After everything da ok (replaced with a second hand keyboard lak tiga empat kali, last last yang da replace ok except spacebar ting tong), battery lak takleh charge. Repair dude didn't check, apparently motherboard repair part tuh tak perasan rosak.

So gotta leave my Mac longer in the shop! Nangis! Tu the bad news.

The little silver lining is cabut drive aku and memory bagai, kedai bagi Mac lain nak pakai. Mac itam. I like the black Mac!

Boleh la tuh... ok jek. Sebab da spend dekat tiga jam lebih kat Low Yat, rush ke Curve lak sebab kengkawan nak lepak party together.

We booked the VIP room. And this was the scene. Hah... aku janji from previous entries aku akan snap pics sebelom makan kan? So here it is...

Next time, I'll try to get people in the pics. Matilah aku! Heh! Anyway, we planned for about ten of us. The party grew to about a total of more than double that number. Merasalah!!!!

Ni saja letak pic ngan Anne aka Farina.

The birthday nak celebrate tiga orang skali. Aku 17hb, si Amir 19hb dan Syuib 21hb. Tiga orang skali. As a week later kalao tak leh celebrate skali.

Thanks everyone for a good time. Sakit tekak by the end of it semua melalak, and thanks everyone for the presents. Love 'em!!! Syuib and Amir, hope you guys like yours too from us.

So... my birthday is 'officially' over (matilah dua hari kemudian baru nak feel over katanya). Time to move on with my life, so my 35th birthday is bigger!